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We are a close-knit team of folks reviving vintage garments daily! We love our coastal community, and we are looking to grow. In store, we specialize in personal styling on the fly! From minimal to eclectic - we offer a wide range of styles. We believe getting dressed is an art form, and that the way you dress can influence your mood and efficiency throughout the day!

Since launching our storefront in 2011 we’ve undergone a few transitions, and we're beginning to get settled into our place. The world of retail is often neglectful of it’s environmental impact. We’re going to help change that! How can we provide an exceptional product and service while still considering our environmental impact? It can be difficult to navigate.

A great way to help is by wearing vintage and second-hand clothing - getting the longest use out of beautful garments already made. Also, we have a bag-free policy, we do not provide complimentary shopping bags. All purchases are nicely folded and tied with recycled yarn. Small changes, by everyone in their own way, can result in enormous change! We hope to encourage others to cut back on disposable, one-time use items and consider the environmental impact of our daily habits.


Our Vintage selection is made up of hand-picked styles, in excellent condition, that are at least twenty years or older. Our Virgin selection is a small collection of new brands that we carry as well! Modern mixes so well with vintage, and we love having room for both on our racks. 


Currently on ShopTheWonder.com you’ll find a selection of our speciality vintage pieces and a great amount of our featured new brands. In the coming weeks our site will be updated regularly with more of a variety of our vintage selection and price point range.

We’ve connected with tons of great people from all over the world. In launching our online shop we hope to reconnect with those that have supported us along the way!

xo, The Wonder Shop team

P.S. You CAN pull it off!